Well done!

There is no better feeling than when you pass your driving test!  Whether or not you pass first-time it will change your life and instantly open up a host of opportunities that were previously simply not possible!  Seeing the joy on people's faces when they get their licence is one of the biggest pleasures for any driving instructor, and even after all these years I still get a huge 'buzz' every time one of my students is given that prized piece of blue paper!!

A big "well done" to everybody that has passed their test with me.  Just a few of those who have passed include:

Alex (Polperro)

Charles (Liskeard)

Josh (Liskeard)

Lydia (Menheniot)

Callum (Pelynt)

Amy (Trelawne)

Natallie O (Looe)

Hannah W (Duloe)

Elsie (Liskeard)

Tegan (Looe)

Jack (Liskeard)

Ryan (Looe)

Esther (Looe)

Matthew R (Hannafore, Looe)

Ashley (Liskeard)  

Sarah (Liskeard)

David (Looe)

Louise (Merrymeet)

Emily (Looe)

Charlotte G (Dobwalls)

Matthew P (Looe)

Bethany (Liskeard)

Laura (Liskeard)

Cherie (Liskeard)

Harry (Pelynt)

Tom P (Bodmin)

Natalie G (Hannafore, Looe)

Chelsea (Treburgie Water)

Owen (Duloe)

Tyler (Menheniot)

Sian (Polperro)

Jess H (St Dennis)

Scarlett (Liskeard)

Stephanie (Liskeard)

Emma K H (Liskeard)

Kayleigh (Pelynt)

Annette (Liskeard)

Tom R (Polperro)

Ruth (Bodmin)

Catherine C (Ruthernbridge)

Lawrence (Lanreath)

Beth P (Woodsaws Cross)

Hollie C (Pelynt)

Paige (Looe)

Emma T (Hannafore, Looe)

Sophie (Pelynt)

Charlie (Menheniot)

Abbie (Duloe)

Bronwyn (Pelynt)

Jen (Woodsaws Cross)

Rob (Duloe)

Rachel C (Liskeard)

Eden (Polperro)

Elize (Dobwalls)

Matt (Millendreath)

Aimie (Looe)

Rachel L (Lanreath)

Sara (Looe) 

Emma C (Bodmin)

Rosie (St Keyne)

Nathan (Dobwalls)

Gemma (Liskeard)

Jack (Liskeard)

Thunchaya (Bodmin)

Louise (Metherell)

Lianne (Liskeard)

Emma W (Torpoint)  

Erica (East Taphouse)

Charlotte H (Dobwalls)

David (Bodmin)

Ashleigh (Liskeard)

Claire (Pelynt)

Chris (Liskeard)

Joe (Looe)

Natasha (Liskeard)

Katie (Duloe)

Jess W (Liskeard)

Chloe R (Polperro)

Sommer (St Germans)  

Lucy (Liskeard)  

Holly R (Looe)

Tiede (Looe)

Harry (Looe)

Rosie P (Looe)

Katherine (Metherell)

Phoebe (Dobwalls)

Shaunie (Liskeard) 

Lauren (Looe) 

Shaniya (St Cleer) 

Amelia (Liskeard) 

Henrietta (Pelynt)

Jade (Pelynt) 

Bobbie (Looe) 

Rosie H (Liskeard) 

Courtney (Liskeard) 

Natalie (Launceston) 

Catherine R (Liskeard) 

Shay (Polperro) 

Hannah D (Liskeard) 

Amy B (Trelawne Cross) 

Maddy (Lanreath)

Chloe M (St Cleer)

Ellie (Looe)

Aimee (East Taphouse)

India P (Lamellion)

Abbie (Looe)

Alisha (Liskeard)

Jess C (Liskeard)

Jordan (Liskeard)

Izzy (Callington)

India M (Looe)

Alfie (Falmouth)

Beth L (Pelynt)

Sasha (Liskeard)

Rebecca (Liskeard)

Arlen (Pelynt)

Anna-Leigh (Looe)

Zack (Polperro)

Shannon (Dobwalls)

Jem (Callington)

Maela (Liskeard)

Lucy T (Plymouth)

Charli (St Ive)

Lucie (Duloe)

Jess L (Doublebois)

Holly P (Looe)

Finley (Polperro)

Carly (Looe)

Josh C (Liskeard)

Beth J (Horningtops)

Sarah (Widegates)

Jo (Polperro)

Hollie T (Pensilva)

Elain (Looe)

Leisha (Liskeard)

Emma P (Looe)

Lorraine W (Pelynt)

Sophie A (Pelynt)

Becca (Lower Metherell)

Izzabella (Liskeard)

Chloe P (Liskeard)

Mina (Liskeard)

Devon (St Germans)

Phoebe L (Millendreath)

Georgina C (St Neot)

Tilly (Looe)

Michelle T (Liskeard)

Kaiha (Polperro)

Rhianna (Liskeard)

Kitty (Falmouth)

Jess D (Liskeard)

Jago (Falmouth)

Tia (East Taphouse)

Linnet (Liskeard)

Kiera (Liskeard)